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Sistema di riferimento: hsi.upc.ch
Duration of measurement: 30 s
Total of transmitted bytes: 2'371'703 kBytes
Interval:  100 ms
Period of Longest Download Pause : 0 ms

  Secondo piu lento  Media Secondo piu veloce deviazione standard Std/AVG 
Velocità di download[kbit/s]  440'056625'986639'81664'97010 %
Velocità di upload [kbit/s]  62425.362956.163909.06'57210 %
  Minimo  Media Massimo deviazione standard Std/AVG 
Tempo di risposta TCP [ms]  12.613.915.3 - -
Tempo di risposta ICMP [ms]  8.010.413.0 - -

Web100 Parameter:
Data packets (sent by server):  0
ACK packets (received at server side):  0
Data packets / ACK packets ratio:  ?
Bytes retransmitted (sent by server):  0 Bytes (Packetloss: 0.0 ‰)
DupAcksIn (received at server side):  0
MinRwinRcvd (client´s minimum receive window size, sent to server):  0
MaxRwinRcvd (client´s maximum receive window size, sent to server):  16'776'704
SndLimTimeRwin: 0 ms (Limited client side: 0 %)
SndLimTimeCwnd: 1 ms (Congestion Limited: 1 %)
SndLimTimeSender: 55 ms (Limited server side: 99 %)

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